Today is a day for being writerly

The holidays are safely behind me, and I’m sitting down to read through and sign off on the final galleys of my book, Right Here Waiting. “We are only looking for typos and errata,” one of my editors says, and I can just imagine his fond glare as he narrows his eyes and shakes his finger at me. I think it’s possible I had too many changes I wanted him to make on our last round of editing…

Once I’ve signed off on the galley — a bit wistfully, a bit nervously and more than a bit gladly — I am ramping up promotion of this book, which now available for pre-order on or directly from the webstore of my publisher, Interlude Press. (A side note: Order from and get the printed book for $12.32. OR you can order the printed book directly from the publisher for $15.99 AND get the multi-format ebook package FOR FREE!  You just can’t go wrong with these deals!) It will be released into the wild on February 10th, 2015!

Watch this space for dates and times of my virtual book tour, which begins in February — I’ll be shouting them from the mountaintops at everyone who will listen, but the master list of when and where I’ll be will be posted right here.

And in between promotions and blogging, I am hard at work on Book 2. The last time I gleefully announced to the world that I finally had time to sit down to dedicated writing time, my washing machine’s drain line exploded and flooded my kitchen, necessitating a cessation of writerly activities and an immediate commencement of mopping/sopping/HomeRepair-erly activities. I don’t want to jinx anything, but I have absolutely no appliances running at the moment, so I think it’s safe to say I’ll be doing some writing today. *grin*

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