So…..what’s your book about???

My book, Right Here Waiting, is a World War II romance novel, centering around Peter Montgomery and the love of his life, Ben Williams and the adventures they find themselves in.

That’s right. It’s a love story about two men, in love with each other, set in WWII.

yes, but is that really realistic?

well, that depends on what you’re questioning the realism of — their love story, their love story in that particular time period, or just the story as a whole.

The story as a whole is a work of fiction, and a fairly fantastical fiction, at that. This story is written as an homage to the Old Hollywood movies of WWII, which were designed to strengthen the resolve of the people on the homefront, to inspire and comfort them. It is, as I like to say, the movie Louis B. Mayer himself would have committed to celluloid, were Louis B. Mayer (and the rest of the world) a bit more open-minded. It’s what you *would* have seen on the silver screen, had times been more accepting.

Gritty realism, cynicism, bitterness and hostility are nowhere to be found anywhere near it. It’s about hope, steadfastness, constancy, honor, devotion and courage. It is determinedly earnest, ardent and fervent and sincere. Publisher’s Weekly called it “adorably guileless heart candy” and that’s exactly what I was trying to achieve.

In short, if you’re looking for a dark and edgy read, something that will disturb you or agitate you — I’m sorry, this is not that book. I wish you well in your search and thank you for stopping by.

However, if you’re looking for a book that is buoyant, sparkling, breezy and, dare I say, debonair — if you’re looking for a book you might keep on your shelf to take down to re-read when you’re feeling low — if you’re looking for a book that will make you feel good, that might make you smile through tears, or give you goosebumps, or any of those wonderful things we all watch Old Hollywood movies to experience — this is the book you’re looking for.

Available for pre-order direct from my publisher ($15.99 gets you the printed book PLUS the DRM-free multi-format e-book!) or from (currently priced at $12.64 for the printed book!). It will be available for pre-order from most other major retailers in the coming days. If you’re feeling lucky, you can enter to win a free copy with Rafflecopter or at GoodReads!

You can get your hands on it February 10, 2015!

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