This actually works out well for me. Living in France here, there’s not so many bookshops selling English-language books nearby that I could make a tour of them. Well, I suppose I could make a tour of them, but it’d be over in about an hour. *grin*

So, without further ado, the dates and URLs of my virtual book tour! (And I will apologize ahead of time, because you’re probably going to see this post come through your dash/reader more than once in the coming weeks. A gal’s gotta promote her work, you know?)

February 9: Carly’s Book Reviews
February 10: The Buttontapper
February 11: We Love Kink
February 12: Hearts On Fire Reviews
February 13: Yeah Books!
February 16: Nessa’s Book Reviews
February 17: Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words
February 18: MAD Hoydenish
February 19: Prism Book Alliance
February 20: Sharing Links and Wisdom

Please stop by, ask a question, leave a comment —  I would love to hear from you!!

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