Right Here Waiting is currently ranked at #163,167 on the Amazon.com best sellers ranking list!!

Now, this may seem like a laughable number to be ridiculously excited about.


when it first went up on that site, it was ranked at #1,694,942. Yes. ONE MIIIIIILLIION (I say in my very best Dr. Evil voice.)

And I know that the rankings are constantly in flux, and their change is dependent on any number of variables. BUT STILL!!!!! That’s quite a change for the better!!

and as of now, you can buy it from amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, or amazon.fr, or any of the other international Amazon sites (I just looked up Amazon Japan (amazon.co.jp) And it’s there….. HOLY CANNOLI!!!!), and also barnesandnoble.com and bookdepository.com

I am just beside myself with excitement. This is really happening. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!!!!!!!

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