Snow! Slush! Slipping! And Virtual Book Tour Dates!

IMG_20150202_094243-EFFECTS IMG_20150202_094234

These are my favorite trees on my morning commute and I couldn’t help but stop and take a few photos (stylish and trendy blurring effects courtesy of Google Photos…)

We have about 15cm or so of snow, and with all the city sidewalk feet tromping on it, it’s quickly becoming just a vast glacier. Just enough has melted to ensure that everything is slick and watery and I nearly wiped out more than once while out and about — even though I’ve authorized to walk with just one crutch, it still is treacherous. I am home for the moment, but will trek out again later to see if I can find some practical (probably non-stylish) snowboots with good treads and some nice waterproofing. I don’t have much hope for that, unless I start looking in the men’s section (French women’s winter boots generally have high heels. Or no treads. Or are quite lovely to look at, but will not actually protect your feet from much of anything.)

My in-born New England practicality will not stand for purchasing frivolous winter boots, no matter how pretty they are.

Anyway. That’s my real-life challenge for today. I finished writing up my interviews and guest blog posts for my Virtual Book Tour last night (yay!) and I’m quite proud of them, so I hope you’ll come check out at least one of the stops below! Stop by, ask some questions, leave some comments!

February 9: Carly’s Book Reviews
February 10: The Buttontapper
February 11: We Love Kink
February 12: Hearts On Fire Reviews
February 13: Yeah Books!
February 16: Nessa’s Book Reviews
February 17: Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words
February 18: MAD Hoydenish
February 19: Prism Book Alliance
February 20: Sharing Links and Wisdom

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