Right Here Waiting is “One of the best period romances I’ve read to date.” – Carly’s Book Reviews

K.E. Belledonne makes history come alive with her debut novel RIGHT HERE WAITING. Ben and Pete stand out as individuals in this story while at the same time somehow manage to represent the heart of the men that served during World War II. Their story is amazing because it is realistic. They are imperfect men living during uncertain times.” – Carly’s Book Reviews

click on the link! There’s more(!!!!!!!!) to the review, as well as my guest post about “Things Worth Waiting For.”

Please don’t mind me over here shrieking with excitement and glee over this amazing review! There may be some rather undignified dance moves, as well as the ubiquitous “kicky feet.” Flailing is not out of the question, either. I am certain I will have a grin bordering on the ridiculous plastered on my face for the entire day.

I’ve worked so hard on this book, y’all. I’ve researched and mulled over and brooded about it. I’ve felt such joy creating and writing it. It has been such a rewarding process, and also a challenging one — and to have my first two reviews be very positive is just such a reward.

I am simply beyond thrilled right now. Carly says she’s a “self-proclaimed history nerd” (as am I) and I’m just tickled pink that she loved the book. It’s for my fellow history nerds that I fretted over the tiny details of Pete’s uniform, or the songs Ben sings, or the placement of the seats in Pete’s airplane. Many people might not notice them, but it was important to me to get them “right.”

After I’ve calmed down a bit, I’ll be putting my author cap back on and settling in for interviews, blogging and answering questions. Today is day one of my virtual book tour — I’ll be checking in at Carly’s Book Reviews throughout the day, so if you’d like to stop by, ask a question, or just say “Hi!”, that would be much appreciated!

Right Here Waiting will be released tomorrow, 10 Feb 2015 and is available for pre-sale on Interlude Pressbarnesandnoble.com,  and amazon.com (as well as the international Amazon sites!)

You can also enter to win a free copy via rafflecopter or Goodreads!!

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