What gave you the idea for Right Here Waiting?

I was thinking about how bleak many LGBTQ storylines in movies, tv and books can be. When I was a teenager, the gay people I saw on TV and in movies were always part of a terribly depressing and traumatizing storyline – there were no happy endings. It seemed the gay characters were always going to meet some horrible fate. Around the same time, I happened to be talking with a friend of mine about the old Hollywood movies we’d loved growing up – and how he said he’d always loved them, but as a gay man, he always thought that wouldn’t be the way his story ended, because they ″weren’t about people like me,″ as he put it. I realized I wanted to write a story as sweeping and romantic as those old movies wherein the drama and action of the story is not because of whom the characters love – but the situations they find themselves in. Their sexuality is not the crux of the story – they are two men who have some extraordinary adventures, who just happen to be in love with each other.

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