So, Danielle Steel, Boris Pasternak and I walk in to a bar…

My life currently sounds like the intro to a great joke. I can’t believe this is happening. Is this real? Is this really happening, for real?

My book is on the current Best Selling 20th Century Historical Romance novels list from Amazon (currently at #59.) The same list that Danielle Steel (#37) is on. The same same list that Jacqueline Winspear (one of my favorite authors!!!!!) is on. The same list that Boris Pasternak is currently on (Doctor Zhivago is at #27)

I am having a hard time believing that my book is somehow grouped with these other authors for any reason. In fact, I’m sitting in my chair right now, curling my toes into the rug in an attempt to ground myself.

This is me. This is me breathing. This is the rug that I feel under my feet. This is real.

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