What is your favorite Golden Age of Hollywood movie, and why?

It’s propaganda, to be honest. The entire premise behind the movie is to show the folks left at home that their soldiers are being cared for when they cannot, to show them stories of lasting love and faithfulness. It gives the soldiers an idea of what they might see at these canteens to give them a little bit of hope and reminds them of what might be waiting for them at home. It’s relentlessly positive, and earnest. It’s corny and heartfelt and wonderful. I never can watch it without getting that remarkable feeling of smiling through tears.

It’s exactly the same ideas, emotions and themes that I tried to capture in my book, Right Here Waiting.  In it, you’ll find sweeping romance, earnest and steadfast love, heartfelt emotions, hope, and maybe a few tears. I hope you’ll check it out!

Head on over to my guest spot on Heart’s On Fire to find out which Old Hollywood classic movie is my favorite!!

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