In the Hollywood adaptation of Right Here Waiting, who would play your main characters? Why

As my book is written as a love letter to Old Hollywood, I’m going to go with the classic Old Hollywood movie stars I had in the back of my mind while I was writing the novel.

For the dashing and genial bomber pilot, Pete Montgomery, I would cast Gregory Peck: lanky and rawboned, but still dapper and suave. He’s very comfortable in his own skin. Instantly likeable and trustworthy, you believe in his intelligence and are willing to go along with what he has to say.

For the role of the tailor turned USO singer, Ben Williams, I’d go with Gary Cooper. Tall and muscular, he’s a bit more intense, a bit more guarded. He’s perhaps a bit stoic and reticent, except with people he loves.

For the bombshell USO siren, Gwen Andrews, I would cast Rita Hayworth: sexy and smart, but with a very approachable sweetness. She gets in trouble from time to time, but no one can hold it against her for long.

Ginger O’Reilly is Pete and Ben’s neighbor, and one of their closest friends. She’s definitely Betty Grable. Very much the girl next door—perhaps a bit hapless and clumsy at times, she’s loveable and funny.

Bets McCaffrey is Ginger’s roommate, and also a very close friend of Ben and Pete. I would cast Jane Russell—just a really savvy and confident woman who is comfortable with herself, and rather forward.

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