Book tour, day 9: On writing realistic fantasy vs fantastic realism

…there’s nothing to say that it -couldn’t- have happened as it does in the book. Men in love with each other is not a modern concept. Surely somewhere, somehow, two men figured out how they could be in love and live their lives together, if in a bit of secrecy. Surely some of the so-called swinging bachelor pads provided just enough cover and concealment for the love between two ″roommates″.

I point out, not as proof but as reference, Cary Grant and Randolph Scott. Regardless of what might have been happening behind closed doors, it is a fact that the two actors shared not one, but two, homes, traveled together, went to parties together, living together as the very epitome of ″merry bachelors″ for nearly a decade. They each married women throughout their lives, seven marriages in total. It is a fact that they remained quite close throughout their lives.

I think of Right Here Waiting as a plausible fantasy, a fabrication of the events of our past. It is sweepingly romantic, earnest and sincere—and yes, even at times a bit corny— just like the old Hollywood movies we love so much.

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