Today’s a day for catching up on all the paperwork and running around I haven’t had a chance to do while doing book promotion. It feels….good. It’s all things that I don’t particularly enjoy doing, but it feels good and responsible and like it will help in the long run, like how sore your muscles are the day after a really good workout. Hurts like hell, kind of annoying, but you know it will be beneficial in the long run.

In between appointments, and while waiting for my ridiculously slow scanner to scan documents, I’m actually getting quite a bit of writing done. I have a satisfactory pen cap to lightly chomp on (no gnawing, just enough to hold between my teeth — the The Penguin with his cigarette holder) to aid me in my thinking.

Today, among writing a few other scenes, I’m writing a bit pseudo-science fiction for a tiny part of the plot, though New Book is not a science fiction book, pseudo or otherwise. I particularly enjoy vintage science fiction and coming up with “sciencey” sounding words to string together — much like the “Molecular Vitamene” featured on ABC’s TV show Agent Carter — words that sound vaguely scientific enough to allow the reader to suspend disbelief (or, if the reader is at all like me, to give the reader a moment of “hey, didn’t I read about that in my Chemistry class??”)

There have been fits and spurts of when I am physically able to write, but the writing itself is flowing smoothly and easily. My notes are solid, my plan seems like it’s going to work well. The only problem now is getting all the little details and minor ideas down on paper before they get lost in the shuffle of the dailyness of my life.

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