#AmWriting #AmSick #ButStillWriting

I’ve got the flu — just the average garden variety flu, nothing serious, but seriously awful. Dizzy, ear aches, body aches, heart palpitations. I’m just curling up in my armchair and trying to cope.

While my body is exhausted, my brain has fits of whirling around and I’ve been trying to scribble down ideas or bits of dialogue as they flit through. My table next to my chair is now a bio-hazard zone with kleenex boxes and tea mugs and notebooks and I’m afraid I’ll have to research how to disinfect pens.

(No, not really. I imagine, if anything, I’ll wipe ’em down with some bleachy-cleaner-type stuff.)

Today’s research topics have been: “vintage collectibles storage” (book related), “uzu”, “oozo”, “Ouzo” and “yuzu” (all of which sound exactly the same to me when discussed on Top Chef France — the hot new ingredient on the show this season is yuzu vinegar. This may end up being book related, I’m not sure yet) and “swollen glands in front of ear” (flu related…)

All in all, it’s just one of those days where I’m trying to corrall my sputtering energy into usefulness, and I’m just not sure it’s working. I feel like I need to keep trying, and not lose momentum and so, another cup of tea to try to recoup my sensibilities and then it’s once more unto the breach again, dear friends.

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