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I devoutly hope that my bout of flu is over and done with. I’ve got the last vestiges of a runny nose, and a faint trace of Kathleen-Turner-voice. The sun is shining, it’s warming up here (Spring has sprung, here in France.)

I have been out and about a great deal the past week (as soon as I was released from unofficial “quarantine”/contagious period, I bolted out of my apartment and into the sunshine) and unable to crack open my beleaguered laptop, so I’ve been doing most of my writing by hand. With this book, I’m doing a lot of scrambling to get the basics down, using the {INSERT TERSE INSTRUCTION HERE} method so I don’t get bogged down in places where I need to figure a tiny plot point out, or choose a different word or what have you.

However, I’m getting some good stuff. I’m really quite excited. When I start to write, I have just a general plan for what needs to happen in the scene — imagery and themes all happen in process, as I’m scribbling frantically. I’m really quite proud of what came out of my writing seance in the passenger’s seat of a parked car waiting for someone.

When inspiration strikes, I can’t be too picky. I can only hope I have a pen and a big enough piece of paper to get down what I can before it’s gone again.

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  1. I love when inspiration strikes in strange places. I’ve written scene things and emotional moments in fleeting fragments on napkins and scrap paper and once inside the cover of a book. I am glad you are feeling better!

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