Right Here Waiting has been added to two great lists on Goodreads!

I’m so honored and delighted to find that Right Here Waiting has been added to two lists on Goodreads!

Best M/M Historical Romance of 2015


Best Gay Romance In Times Of War

I’m well aware of sometimes friction-laden relationship between authors and readers on Goodreads, and I do not want to wade anywhere near those waters. I’m definitely of the opinion that Goodreads is for readers to find great books to read. As an author, I believe my role there is to make it easy for readers there to find out more about my book, or myself as an author, so you’re not going to find me shouting from the rooftops or doing much promotion work there.

So, I’m bringing these lists to your attention, because I am highly honored to have been included on those lists, with so many great books that I have enjoyed or look forward to enjoying. It really is such a thrill. I’m leaving the lists in your hands, to vote or not vote or do with what you will.

Meanwhile, I’ll be over here, frantically clicking “want to read” on soooooo many books on those lists.

Right Here Waiting is available at Interlude Pressbarnesandnoble.com,  and amazon.com (as well as the international Amazon sites!)

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