Another FIVE STAR review for Right Here Waiting!!

The Bookish Raven has written a wonderful review of my book, Right Here Waiting. 

“Right Here Waiting is a heart-warming story about two men loving each other fiercely even when they’re thousands of miles apart while one of them fights in WWII. It’s such a beautiful story – even if it did rip my heart out a few times.”

“Right Here Waiting is the perfect book for those who love historical romances of the m/m variety. The author builds a nice story that has your emotions going up and down and all around with the characters’. I would honestly recommend this to anyone looking for a great romance. Because that truly is what this book is. I’m going to love these characters for a long, long time. :)”

I’ve been struggling here for a good 20 minutes, trying to figure out which quotes to pull out of her review to post here, and it’s an impossible task. Rather than repost the whole thing here, please click on over to her blog (and check out her other reviews, too!)

Her reaction is exactly what I hoped it would be: falling in love with Pete and Ben, having your heart ripped out a few times, not being able to put it down because you want to find out what happens next — that’s exactly the kind of book I set out to write. I’m so happy it worked.

And to have the only complaint be that the reader wanted more — and not because the characters felt flat, or there were plot holes, or scenes didn’t work, but because they just wanted to live in that world a little longer. I mean, could there be a higher compliment? What an honor!

I’m just delighted that people are reading my book and connecting with it. I’m so happy it’s touching people’s hearts, and I’m glad it’s a satisfying read.

Right Here Waiting is available at Interlude,  and (as well as the international Amazon sites!)

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