A new 4.5 star review for Right Here Waiting!!!

“…a perfectly paced character driven novel of true love and hope set in the time of war.”

I had no idea the folks over at Joyfully Jay had chosen my book to read during their Reading Challenge Month – and in the “push your genre boundaries” challenge week, to boot! I’m always happy to hear that my book has pleased someone who loves historical fiction, or WWII romance, but to hear that someone who doesn’t usually read this genre found it engaging and enjoyable is fantastic!

“Belledonne expertly lets their intimacy and love take center stage with well written emotional scenes that perfectly display their bond.”

Many, many thanks to Joyfully Jay and Michelle for taking a chance on my book! The rest of the review can be found here.

Right Here Waiting is available at Interlude Pressbarnesandnoble.com, amazon.com (as well as the international Amazon sites), Smashwords (ebook only) — or ask about it at your local library!

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