Right Here Waiting is on SIX Goodreads Best-of-2015 lists!

Goodreads and authors have a complicated relationship – I’m firmly of the belief that Goodreads is for readers to recommend books to other readers, not for authors to go in there and start going crazy doing promotional work and dominate the conversations. I, as a Goodreads Author, ran a giveaway when Right Here Waiting was released and I’ll do another when Daniel & Erik’s Super Fab Wedding Checklist is released in June. But other than doing my own reading and reviewing of books, I’m not really on there as an author.

However, I’m delighted and honored to find that Right Here Waiting has been added to several Best-Of lists for 2015, and I just wanted to acknowledge how wonderful that is.

Please, fellow reader, go take a look at these lists and cast your vote for whichever novel you think is worthy. For an author to see that people are reading their novel, and are moved by it, excited by it, and are taking the time to add it to one of these sorts of lists or voting for it — that’s such wonderful motivation and acknowledgement. Add it to a list, write a review, send a message. Most authors are like Tinkerbelle – we need applause to keep going. At the very most, you’ll be encouraging the authors of the books that moved you most to keep going, and write more! At the very least, you’ll see an entire list of books that have the potential to be your next favorite read!

If you’re a member of the Goodreads M/M Romance Group (and, really, it’s an excellent group to be a member of!), you’ll have a notification that the group is holding it’s Member’s Choice Awards for 2015. Nominations are open for over 40 categories through December 25th or until the category reaches 100 nominations, whichever comes first. Preliminary voting starts January 1st, for any category which has over 51 nominations – so go go go start nominating the best m/m books you’ve read! Right Here Waiting has already been nominated for Best Historical, but there are so many amazing categories in which to nominate!

You must be a member of the M/M Romance Group to nominate and vote. All info can be found here:

The Fifth Annual M/M Romance Group Member’s Choice Awards

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