What can I say that hasn’t already been said?

I’ve been following the news, hanging on every word, every story about the Orlando massacre. I’ve felt helpless, I’ve felt terrified, I’ve felt angry. But I’ve felt such love, as well, such solidarity with other LBGTQ communities around the world, and that gives me such hope.

I’ve written to my State Representatives and Congresspeople, telling them what I think about gun control, and hate crimes, and homophobia.  I’m from a small enough state that I can trust that someone in their office, if not they, themselves, will read it. I signed up to volunteer for my local Pride parade. And, up until just a few minutes ago, I was worried because I thought that was about all I had to offer my community in such times of horror and trial and stress.

And then it hit me, and I’m chagrined to realize I hadn’t thought of it before: Guess what? I write LBGTQ positive books. I’ve got a book coming out in a couple of days, and it’s a light-hearted, loving, romantic comedy about two men in love, planning their wedding.

There’s no punchline. There’s no trick. There’s not even much angst. There’s no hidden consequence to the fact that they’re gay. There’s no horrific incident, or accident, or sickness; there’s nothing ill that befalls them.

Here’s what else I have to offer my community: A happy ending.

Once upon a time, two men fell in love. They did hit some snags along the way —  but the important part is that they fell in love, and they lived happily ever after.

My book is called Daniel & Erik’s Super Fab Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist. It, and it’s happy ending, will be released on June 23rd.  You can request it at your local bookstore. I’d be absolutely honored if you’d request it from your local library — getting LBGTQ stories with happy endings in front of people who might want to read them, but not have any other access or exposure to them is a very powerful thing, indeed.

I’ll be posting again soon, with book tours stops and info, and buy links and all sorts of good stuff. But for right now, I’ll leave you with this, my friends:


graphic credit to designer extraordinaire, all-around awesome person, and fellow author: Carrie Pack – carriepack.com, @carriepack 

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