how crying over stained glass became the best part of my character


This is the Mucha window in St Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle — a huge cathedral right in the middle of this amazing & stunning castle in Prague. I had the very good fortune to visit it while I was writing Daniel & Erik’s Super Fab Ultimate Wedding Checklist, and this particular window is the sole reason I wrote Daniel as a stained glass artist.

I’ve visited a lot of cathedrals and churches in my day, and I’ve looked at a lot of stained glass, but St Vitus is by far the most beautiful stained glass I’ve ever seen. (Sainte-Chapelle in Paris is gorgeous, no doubt. But it’s also really small, comparatively. And it really only looks it’s best when the sun hits it just right — otherwise, it’s a bit dark and bland. And Notre Dame is legendary, but it’s really very dark inside, and the sun only hits some of the windows some of the time.)

St Vitus has no other buildings to block the sunlight streaming through the windows. It’s an enormous cathedral, and it’s situated on it’s site such that no matter what time of day, there’s sunlight coming through many of the windows. (Stained glass, man, is glorious. But only if you have a light source. If not — ehhhh, not quite so cool.)


And this window here was the inspiration for the window that Daniel makes at Saint Cecilia’s. I’d never seen such a riot of so many rich and deep colors. A side note: I’m officially color-blind. I *can* see color, I just don’t see it very well — unless it is saturated and vibrant color. This window took my breath away. I honestly began to cry while looking at it. It is just so very very beautiful. I felt like, somehow, everything was going to be okay — which is what brought about the window that Daniel made.



Just to give you a little scale — St Vitus is a *really* big cathedral.

So, there’s a little writerly insight into why and how Daniel became a stained glass artist!

Once upon a time, two men fell in love. They did hit some snags along the way —  but the important part is that they fell in love, and they lived happily ever after.

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