Waxing poetic

I have been swamped under moving-related things, quite honestly overwhelmed by the task of categorizing and inventorying every single thing in my house before our move in a few months. How is it possible to provide a monetary replacement value on the handfelted Swedish tomten decorations I fell in love with and bought in Stockholm, […]

#AmWriting, #AmResearching, #AmDistracted

I am working on Book Two (which still has no tentative or working title. It’s named ‘New Book’ on my computer…how boring) and am elbows deep in research of all sorts and generally just happy as a clam. I need a particular setting for a particular scene, so I’m researching to augment what I remember […]

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down

Just because it’s a cliche to quote The Carpenters every time it rains doesn’t mean that it’s not the perfect rainy day song… It is cold and rainy where I am. It’s been raining for days. I am laid up with a bum knee and am hobbling on crutches when I have to leave my armchair-with-matching-footstool (such […]

It has just been one of those days around here…

I’ve injured myself — just badly enough to throw a wrench in my plans and be an all-around pain in the patookas. I’m on crutches for at least the next week, and being on crutches just makes everything seem 95x more difficult. Being able to buy only the amount of groceries that will fit in […]

Today is a day for being writerly

The holidays are safely behind me, and I’m sitting down to read through and sign off on the final galleys of my book, Right Here Waiting. “We are only looking for typos and errata,” one of my editors says, and I can just imagine his fond glare as he narrows his eyes and shakes his finger at […]